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How to Deal With Sextortion?

How to Deal With Sextortion?

Hey, we get it. An attractive person contacted you through social media expressing interest, and things got slightly out of hand. Temptation took over, and now you’re in distress googling “how to deal with sextortion” and found your way to this blog. We understand the fear and anxiety you’re struggling with, but we’re relieved you’re here! You’ve taken the right first step in protecting yourself from this terrible crime. This blog will provide the right strategies for dealing with and overcoming sextortion so you can restore your peace of mind.

How to Deal With Sextortion

Should you Deal With It On Your Own?

Feeling embarrassed or ashamed is understandable, but do not let this situation cloud your judgment. What seemed like a moment of intimacy ended up being a situation of exploitation. It’s essential to recognize that it wasn’t your fault, and you don’t need to blame yourself.

Since the circumstances revolve around sensitive content, we understand that you will want to keep the harassment hidden. You may think your loved ones will be ashamed and angry with you if they find out, or your blackmailer will destroy your career and other relationships. So, you come up with a plan to take on the abuse yourself and try to end it. Your blackmailer presses you into sending one payment and promises that the torment will end once you pay the ransom. They also promise you won’t ever have to deal with them again.

These claims are plans to sound like an easy way out. These criminals use scare tactics to pressure you into believing they will destroy your life if exposed, and they are offering you the only solution to avoid that from happening. However, this is precisely the opposite of what would happen. If and when you pay your blackmailer’s demands, you are proving that their plan is working and that their tactics are scary enough for you to give them whatever they will demand. It encourages them to keep coming back for more. If you think about it from a criminal’s perspective, why would they agree to take one payment when they can keep your content and demand more money knowing you are scared enough to give in?

That said, as a victim, it is never a good idea for you to try and deal with sextortion on your own. You are already in a highly vulnerable position, and your fear, anger, and anxiety can influence your choices. These feelings can only lead to you causing rash decisions that make the situation worse for you and keep you in an endless financial predicament. Instead, we recommend reporting the crime to the authorities and cybercrime experts.

Now that we’ve discussed why you shouldn’t deal with sextortion alone, let’s get into three essential steps you can and should take to ensure your safety.

Staying Calm and Collected

Your emotions play a significant role in how the sextortion will play out. If you lash out and make rash decisions, it can only escalate the situation and make it worse. We recommend trying your best to stay calm and collected so you can develop a helpful and logical plan.

Reporting to Authorities

As mentioned, reporting the crime to the authorities and experts is the best way to end the sextortion. These professionals have successful strategies to take on the case and can bring the perpetrator to justice. By letting them take over, you relieve yourself of the burden and find peace of mind.

Strengthening Online Security

As part of sextortionists’ tactics, they’ll scour your friend list, add numerous people, and use this as leverage to disclose your information. They also comb through your profile information, such as your job, school, social clubs, email, phone number, and beyond. Therefore, you should set strong privacy settings to protect yourself from further harm.


Now that you have some insight into how to deal with sextortion, it’s time to act. Stay calm, don’t suffer in silence, and report it to the proper authorities. Alternatively, you can report sextortion online to Digital Forensics – experts who can investigate and help bring your blackmailer to justice. You don’t have to face this alone. Seek help now!

Call our 24/7 sextortion helpline now!

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