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How to Stop Sextortion on Facebook Messenger?

How to Stop Sextortion on Facebook Messenger?

Facebook is not all about chatting with friends and networking, the platform has shown there is a dark side to it that consists of cybercriminals especially sextortionists that are luring victims in, coercing them into sending explicit content, and then blackmailing them for money. If this sounds like something you are going through keep reading to find out what Facebook messenger sextortion is, how to deal with it, and how to recover from sextortion.

What is Facebook Messenger Sextortion?

Facebook sextortion is when someone coerces another individual to send over explicit content through the platform, that could be a sexual photo or video and threatens to expose their private content online unless they pay them a certain amount of money or provide more sexual content.

A common scenario of this is when someone receives a random message from an attractive person on their Facebook messenger. The chat will start friendly with an introduction and some common questions to break the ice. The conversation could last a few hours or days, this is how a sextortionist will try to gain the trust of their victims or make them comfortable enough to share more of themselves. Once a victim is comfortable the conversation will turn more flirtatious and sexual. The idea of exchanging content gets brought up and a victim typically falls for the trap because they were manipulated into believing this person was interested in them and they’re only having fun.

This is when a never-ending cycle of harassment and threats comes. A sextortionist will go after their victim’s entire friends list and family members and threaten to expose their content on Facebook to the world if they don’t get exactly what they want.

How to Deal with Facebook Sextortion?

Lots of victims don’t know which steps to take once they are faced with a sextortionist and don’t know how to deal with Facebook sextortion. They act out of fear and can land themselves into more trouble.

Here are some tips to follow to deal with Facebook blackmail scams

  • Document everything!
  • Do not pay your blackmailer
  • Secure all of your online accounts especially your Facebook and other social media
  • Report your blackmailer’s Facebook account and the threatening messages
  • Contact authorities and experts

Besides keeping themselves safe online, victims need to take care of their mental health. Victims of sextortion are left with copious amounts of trauma. Their whole perspective of people is changed and the likelihood of them trusting another individual is very low. We recommend reaching out to support groups for victims of cybercrimes to get the right help in recovering from this crime. Below are some resources available to victims.

  • National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
  • Cyber Civil Rights Initiative
  • Victims for Justice

We also recommend letting a close friend or family member know about the situation. Lots of sextortionists play mind games and try to get their victims to believe their family and friends will be ashamed of them. Although admitting to sextortion can be hard, it’s so important to tell someone what is happening. Keeping quiet will only give a sextortionist more power. Don’t let them win.

How To Stop Facebook Sextortion

How to stop sextortion on Facebook is on every victim’s mind and there is a way to make that happen. Reporting the crime to Facebook will help bring the victim’s account down but that is the most the platform can offer to stop the act, which isn’t enough. After reporting the crime and securing their Facebook accounts and other online presence, victims must reach out to authorities and blackmail experts. Online Sextortion is a serious crime that should only be handled by authorities and specialists that know how these criminals work.

After reports are made to local authorities and the FBI, a blackmail expert should be contacted next. There are many resources available to victims for assistance. Digital Forensics is one of the leading companies that can help stop Facebook sextortion and bring back peace to victims. If you or someone you know needs help, contact our sextortion helpline

We can help you with different types of blackmail or sextortion. Here you can report:

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Its time to act now. Don’t hesitate. If you’re a victim this situation needs expert help to stop blackmail on facebook



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