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How to Stop Sextortion on Facebook?

How to Stop Sextortion on Facebook?

Has someone ever asked you for explicit pictures or videos on Facebook? If you’re like most people, the answer is probably yes. Unfortunately, this type of behavior can often lead to sextortion – a form of blackmail in which victims are coerced into providing sexual content or performing sexual acts. They are then threatened to be exposed if they don’t pay their blackmailer’s ransom. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to stop sextortion on Facebook and how to handle a situation if you become a victim.

Is Facebook Sextortion Real?

Facebook sextortion is very real and it’s claiming victims daily. This type of blackmail is carried out through numerous different social media, dating, and gaming platforms making it the reason for becoming so successful. In this scheme, cybercriminals create catfish profiles and reach out to dozens of people in hopes that a connection will build. Once a conversation is engaged, flirty compliments ping back and forth between the victim & blackmailer until trust is built enough for an intimate content exchange. This is when the blackmailer secretly records and screenshots the content and threatens to expose it online if their demands are not met. Sextortion is happening on Facebook so much to the point that the platform felt it was imperative to educate its users about this type of crime. They made a page under their safety center that helps educate victims of sextortion. You can visit the page here 

How to Handle Sextortion on Facebook?


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Most victims have no clue how to handle sextortion once they come face to it. Some panic and quickly give in to the demands of their sextortionists hoping that will put an end to it all. This is a very common mistake most victims make and it only makes the situation worse. Here are some tips on handling sextortion on Facebook · Instill strong privacy settings on your Facebook account. · Limit the amount of personal information you share about yourself on your profile. · Do not pay your blackmailer’s demands. This will only encourage them to come back for more money. · Document the blackmail as much as you can. Take screenshots of messages, profiles, emails, etc. · Report the blackmailer’s Facebook account. · Confide in a loved one about what’s going on. Victims need as much support as they can get. · Make a report to the police and online blackmail experts.

How To Stop Sextortion on Facebook?

We encourage victims to not handle this type of crime by themselves. Online sextortion is a serious crime and things can get worse if a victim were to try to tackle the situation by themselves. Most think if they just ignore the blackmail, it will go away, or if they block their blackmailer, they will have no way to contact them and they will move on. Speaking from a company that specializes in this type of crime this typically does not happen. These cybercriminals create dozens of fake accounts so they will just use another profile to keep the blackmail going. If you were to ignore them, they will contact your family members, or post your content until you respond. These criminals are driven by money and they will do whatever they can to obtain it. The best way to stop sextortion is to report it to the police and contact blackmail experts that can assist you in making the right next move. Most precincts are not equipped or trained to tackle online blackmail but it is still important to make a report to the police. Reaching out to blackmail experts such as us can help you put an end to the sextortion for good. Conclusions We hope this blog has given you the tools and information you need on how to stop sextortion on Facebook. Remember, if someone is harassing or blackmailing you online, do not hesitate to report it to Facebook, your local police department, and/or a specialist who deals with online blackmail cases. You are not alone, and there are people who can help. Report Sextortion To Our Sextortion helpline. We Can Help you to stop: Facebook Sextortion, Sextortion On Instagram and other types of online sextortion

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