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How to Stop Sextortion on Instagram?

How to Stop Sextortion on Instagram?

How to Stop Sextortion on Instagram?

Sextortion is a type of digital abuse where someone attempts to manipulate, coerce, or force you into producing intimate images or videos of yourself. It is becoming increasingly common on platforms like Instagram, where perpetrators use the platform’s features to threaten and intimidate victims. The good news is, you can learn how to stop sextortion on Instagram and fight back against this insidious form of sexual abuse.

Does Instagram Stop Sextortion?

Sextortion is becoming more of an issue by the day, making it that much more important that people take precautions to prevent this crime from happening to them. When it comes to social media and sextortion, there is a limit on what social media platforms can do when it comes to cybercrimes.

The most Instagram can do is take down Instagram accounts and possibly even ban them. However, when it comes to stopping the crime from taking place or continuing, Instagram cannot do much. Once a sextortionist gets their Instagram account deleted, they will create another account to carry on with their threats and continue harassing their victims.

That being said, does Instagram interfere with sextortion? Yes, it can cause a little fork in the road. However, the platform does not stop the abuse from happening or continuing.

There have also been many cases where the platform takes longer than it should when it comes to removing abusive accounts. All in all, it is still important for you to report the sextortion to Instagram, but if you want sextortion to stop you need to get help from authorities and experts.

How To Stop Sextortion on Instagram?

Here are some steps you can take to help prevent sextortion on Instagram and protect yourself from becoming a victim.

Be Wary of Strangers

If someone you don’t know sends you an unsolicited message or request, be wary. Don’t respond to their messages or open any links they send you. Be mindful of who you are talking to and never give out personal information such as your address or phone number. If someone asks for an exchange of photos or videos, do not comply and block them immediately.

Report Suspicious Activity

If you believe that someone is trying to sextort you, it is important that you report it right away. You should contact Instagram directly to let them know what happened and they will investigate the incident further. You should also consider filing a police report if the person has threatened physical harm against you or stolen your personal information.

Practice Safe Social Media Habits

One of the best ways to protect yourself from sextortion is by practicing safe social media habits.

This includes not sharing private photos or videos with anyone online, being careful about what information you share publicly, and not engaging with strangers online who make inappropriate requests. Additionally, always make sure your accounts have secure passwords and two-factor authentication enabled so that only authorized users can access your accounts.

How do you get rid of a sextortion?

To put an end to your sextortion and get rid of your harasser, you need and should involve the authorities and cybercrime experts. They both are equipped with strategies that combat sextortion and are the only ones you can truly trust to put an end to this terrible crime. If you need help with sextortion today you can give us a call or chat with one of our online representatives to start a case.


Sextortion is an alarming form of cybercrime that is becoming increasingly common on social media platforms like Instagram.

We all must take steps now to protect ourselves from becoming victims of this crime and learn how to stop sextortion on Instagram by being aware of potential risks and taking precautions when interacting with strangers online.

Remember; if someone asks for money or anything else in exchange for photos or videos, do not comply and report them immediately. By following these tips, we can help reduce the chances of falling victim to sextortion on Instagram

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