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Sextortion in Michigan: The Rising Threat

Sextortion in Michigan: The Rising Threat

As technology advances, so does cybercrime. Thus, causing a new crime to emerge called online sextortion. States like Michigan are no exception to this crime, with an increasing number of reported incidents. Keep reading for real-life cases of sextortion in Michigan and find out what legal implications there are to combat this rising threat.

Case Study: Sextortion Incidents in Michigan

Sextortion is the act of blackmailing someone with personal sexual images or videos, often obtained by hackers or scammers who have tricked or coerced their victims into providing them. In Michigan, reports of sextortion have tripled in the last two years, with young people and vulnerable populations, particularly at risk.

One recent case involved Jordan DeMay. Jordan was 17 years old and from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. What seemingly started out as an innocent Instagram DM with a girl named Dani turned sour when Jordan found out he was talking to a scammer. At this point, it was too late, and sensitive images were shared and then used as blackmail by Ogoshi against Jordan. The threats increased and became so brutal that the scammer encouraged Jordan to take his life.

Scammer Samuel Ogoshi “Are you going to cooperate with me?” “Do it fast, or I will make you do it.”

Jordan, unfortunately, committed suicide in the spring of 2022. His scammers were three men from Nigeria working in a ring. These three men were arrested and are waiting for extradition to the US.

Legal Implications: Sextortion Laws in Michigan

Michigan takes sextortion laws very seriously. Michigan’s statute of extortion (Section 750.213), If you are found guilty of this crime, the punishment can look like up to 20 years in prison and a hefty fine of $10,000. In addition, sextortion can be prosecuted under existing extortion, blackmail in Michigan, or child pornography laws. Penalties for these offenses can be severe, including prison sentences and significant fines. It is essential to know your rights and report any suspected sextortion activity to the authorities.

Combating Sextortion in Michigan Communities

One way to combat sextortion in Michigan communities is to educate people about the risks and warning signs of online predators. This includes teaching children and teens to be wary of social media interactions with strangers, reminding them never to share personal information or intimate images with someone they have not met in person, and encouraging them to speak up if they ever feel threatened or unsafe online. Parents and caregivers can also learn more about internet safety tips and resources to support their loved ones’ digital well-being.

Another strategy for fighting sextortion is to strengthen online security measures. This includes using strong passwords, regularly updating software, and enabling two-factor authentication on all your online accounts. By taking these steps, you can reduce the risk of hackers accessing your personal information and sensitive files. Consider using a virtual private network (VPN) to encrypt your internet traffic and protect your online privacy.

Finally, make sure to report cyber crime. You can report the crime to local law enforcement and the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center. You can also report the crime to third-party companies like us Digital Forensics. With our 24/7 sextortion helpline, we can take your call at any time. Do not handle these dangerous criminals alone. Speak with an agent today.


Sextortion in Michigan is a serious threat that demands our attention and action, with cases like Jordans reminding us that these are dangerous criminals. By staying informed about the risks and warning signs of online sextortion, knowing your legal rights, and taking steps to protect ourselves and our loved ones online, we can fight back against this dangerous crime.

If you or someone you know is the victim of online sextortion, do not hesitate to seek help and report the incident to the authorities. Together, we can create safer and more secure online communities free from the fear of online sextortion.

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