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Belkasoft Evidence Center v.8.2 Has Released.

Belkasoft Evidence Center v.8.2 Has Released.

by Igor Mikhaylov2016-11-22

Belkasoft released new version of their top forensic software – Belkasoft Evidence Center. Now Belkasoft Evidence Center  v.8.2 is avariable.

Among improvements in v.8.2 are:

  • Malware detection: Ability to save process memory to a file added

  • Flash cookies supported

  • IMO application supported

  • Improved caller/sender extraction of Android calls and SMSes

  • Improved contact extraction for Android Hangouts

  • Attachments from .MSG files properly extracted and shown in Document profile

  • Windows 10 notifications: Supported tile, badge and raw push

  • License information dialog improved

  • Add Filter panel usability improved

  • Inline search added in column chooser

  • Added “Open in Google Earth” menu for Geolocation artifacts in Overview pane

  • “Open File” added in File System Explorer context menu

  • Confirmation added for case deletion

Connection graph improvements:

  • Ability to drag a graph by left mouse

  • Lost mails sent to mail groups fixed

  • Missing Non-Unicode Cyrillic-named recipients fixed

BelkaImager improvements (applies also to acquisition started from BEC):

  • Better handling of Android acquisition, warning about unsupported older Androids

  • Better instructions for ADB driver installation

Belkasoft Evidence Center is a good tool for forensic examiners. A lot of people use Belkasoft Evidence Center for their examinations.


You can find more info about Belkasoft  here.

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