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VolUtility Version 1.0 has been Released

VolUtility Version 1.0 has been Released

by Igor Mikhaylov2016-11-18

It turned out VolUtility Version 1.0 Release. In this post, the author talks about the new elements that have been added. The major addition, which the author notes, is an Extensions framework that allow you to add features and functionality to the data that is returned from Volatility plugins.

By passing the new elements, which you can read in the article, it was also a lot of patches, code neat and the new elements to make the platform more stable and more convenient for the users.

No doubt there are still some bugs to be found, but O Kevin, the author of the article, does not rest on his laurels and will continue to improve his knowledge. He has a lot of ideas for enriching data emanating from volatility, to make it easier for analysts to quickly get the answers they need.

He would like to add features like voldiff to perform comparisons against other samples, and with autorun plugins I would like to try to integrate some sort of reporting generation element.


You can find more info here.

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