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Threat Hunting as a Culture (HaaC)

Threat Hunting as a Culture (HaaC)

Moving Your Cyber Defenses Towards an Aggressive, Proactive Style.

Cybersecurity is hard. Bombardment of attacks is paired with bombardment of data. The surface area is growing, the perimeter deteriorating, and few organizations can hire enough defenders to adequately staff their ranks. But all is not lost. It’s time to automate, it’s time to orchestrate, and it’s time to unite man and machine to enable team search-and-destroy missions to move closer to clean environments. 2016 is the year that hunting establishes itself as a first-class cyber defense strategy, and we will explore how to get you there.

Ben Johnson, Chief Security Strategist, Carbon Black @chicagoben

Ben Johnson is cofounder and chief security strategist for Carbon Black. In that role, he spends a lot of time strategizing with customers to improve cyber defenses across the stack. Ben worked in cyber at NSA and at a defense contractor and has two computer science degrees.


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