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UFED Analytics Desktop: LIVE Product Demonstration

UFED Analytics Desktop: LIVE Product Demonstration

We would like to invite you to a LIVE 30-minute product demonstration of UFED Analytics Desktop.

UFED Analytics Desktop optimizes and extends your existing mobile forensic investments. It also serves as an essential building block to creating an end-to-end unified investigative platform from a partner you can trust.

Learn how Cellebrite’s Analytics Desktop solution components deliver:
  • Text Analytics – Applies natural language processing to any textual artifact uploaded in the system and tags events related to specific topics of interest.
  • Image Analytics – Identifies black-listed image matches by comparing digital image signatures, automatically applying advanced categorization and face recognition methods.
  • Ability to analyze up to 100 extractions per case – Reveal and visualize connections of up to 100 extractions from mobile devices (logical, file system and physical extractions) and external data sources per case.
  • Cloud Data Integration – Automatically ingest and merge cloud data from UFED Cloud Analyzer tied to a specific person.
  • Visualization of Mutual Connections – View common connections based on communications and locations; narrow data using advanced filters and search; tag data based on specific needs; highlight case-related data using watch lists.
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