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Belkasoft White Nights Recap

Belkasoft White Nights Recap

The second international conference Belkasoft: White Nights (the largest digital forensic event in Russia) was held 24-25 of June 2016.

Here are the main presentations we saw:

Yuri Gubanov, Belkasoft: The Main Trends in Digital Forensics 2016. How Does Belkasoft Evidence Center Help to Solve New Problems?

Nikita Timofeev, Belkasoft: BEC 7.5: What’s new?

Nikita Timofeev, Yuri Gubanov, Belkasoft: Collecting data from different types of devices

David Makeev, Alexander Yeremin, Belkasoft: Mobile forensics challenges

Olga Koksharova, Elcomsoft: The Development of Mobile Forensics: From Backup Password Recovery to Downloading and Analysis of Cloud Storage

Tatyana Chugaeva, Egor Kulikov, Belkasoft: Building Social Graphs during Mutual Analysis of Several Data Sources

Maria Chizhikova, Andrew Severyuhin, SMTDP Technology: Verification and Legal Value of Digital Documents


Also, we saw a number of presentations by digital forensic professional with a wealth of experience.

During coffee breaks we could communicate with our colleagues from other countries.

On the conference you could win Belkasoft, Elcomsoft or SMTDP Technology license. We won SMTDP Technology (Forgery Detection) license and would use this piece of software in our examinations, for sure.

Also, we had an excursion through Saint Petersburg – the city with lots of beautiful historical places.

We had dinner in a café facing Saint Isaac’s Cathedral. This is the most important cathedral in Russia.

Attendees had an opportunity to visit the Scarlet Sales Show. This is one of the biggest water performances in the world, held on open water, based on Alexander Grin’s novel. Ships sail along the riverwalk, fireworks in the sky, and beautiful music all around. Unforgettable performance!

We invite all our readers to visit the third Belkasoft: White Nights conference in 2017!

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