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Extracting Audio Messages from Instant Messengers

Extracting Audio Messages from Instant Messengers

by Igor Mikhaylov2017-03-30

Salvation Data released an article on data recovery, experts explain their research with the technology of extracting audio files of cell phones. Direct access to sound files of a mobile phone can play a decisive role in solving cases during the investigation, but this is rarely possible.


Several data recovery tools are available on the market and can help restore files, but their application is limited and depends on various factors. In addition, other problems may occur during the process. A new technological solution was found that solves the problem from the lower level of data. These advantages can help forensics gain access to audio electronic evidences with higher efficiency. Data recovery experts have already developed an algorithm that can identify recovered audio files from the rest and determine whether it is possible to reproduce the restored audio file from image documents. This function was integrated into SPF.



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