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SQLite Forensic Analysis of Application Data

SQLite Forensic Analysis of Application Data

by Igor Mikhaylov2017-02-23

Applications include key pieces of information. SQLite is a powerful and relatively simple way to store data. Most databases are decoded by UFED Physical Analyzer and you will notice it when you remove all the SQLite database from a mobile device. At the same time there are still some databases that do not know or are not supported.


With the new and unique master of SQLite, you can visually display the additional data from different databases, querying and database field maps for supported models. The SQLite wizard allows you to include deleted data. In addition to the manual SQLite query tool, for now developed another tool to enrich the study with valuable data from unsupported database sources. This solution scans and analyzes all databases and all tables in the database, and automatically displays the entries in the well-known model (Fuzzy objects and Fuzzy events).



How to recover data from a database with the help of this tool, step by step you can explore in this article.

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