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Being Blackmailed on Skype

Being Blackmailed on Skype

Cyber-crimes have not only taken over social media – what used to be platforms for meeting new people, and socializing, but has also taken hostage networking, and business platforms such as Skype. If you’re Being Blackmailed on Skype this article is 100% for you.

It’s safe to say that no one is safe online no matter what website you use. Sextortion scams can happen on social media and business platforms, gaming websites, texting apps, and so many more. This crime has been so successful due to its ability in disguising itself as friendly face, with an even more inviting account.

To sum up sextortion in a few words.  It is the threat of exposing explicit content in order to receive goods such as money or important information. So just how and why has this cyber-crime made its way to business platforms such as Skype? In this article, find out how to deal with sextortion on Skype and what to look out for on the platform.

Why Being Blackmailed on Skype?

Sextortion is taking over the internet and its safe to say that no one or no platform is safe from its wrath. Let’s face it, we are all human and we all have needs. It’s also important to keep yourself safe online.

Sextortionists are elite criminals that know how to persuade an individual to do what they want. Especially when they are disguised as an attractive woman or man. When it comes to their intentions all of these criminals want money. If they don’t receive that money, that is when things can get dangerous.

Let’s paint a picture. You have met someone on an online dating app and sparks are flying. You could either be very interested in this individual or just find them attractive and want to see where it can lead, whether it be physical or emotional, either way this person has grabbed your attention.

Messages are exchanged and you’re starting to share little pieces of information with them. This individual then changes the subject and proposes you take the conversation to Skype. Without any thought you agree and add this person on Skype, once there, things get a little spicier and the idea of exchanging explicit images or videos come up.

Once again you agree and next thing you know you are bombarded with a list filled with threats and demands. Now what? What do you do? Who do you go to? These are vital questions that we can hopefully help you answer. You might be thinking why Skype? When you’re thinking of sextortion you may typically think that these criminals aim to only go after social media platforms, but as I mentioned before they use any and all platforms the web can offer them.

Types of blackmail scam on skype

This is why they are so successful; the plan is to first engage with an individual on a common site used for meeting new people, then once they are acquainted with you, they move to another account to engage. This can be for two reasons:

  1. They want to move communication on an additional website or app so they can find your other social accounts.
  2. They move to a site where the two of you can exchange videos or images more easily.

Skype is a perfect platform these criminals can use because the app offers you video, photo, audio and messaging features, which is everything they need to scam you.

This also gives the suspect a chance to create more than one scam and reach out to you through other mediums. It is fairly common that these suspects create more than one account on a platform you have engaged with them on.

For example, they will create other fake accounts on skype and try to get you to engage so you fall for their scheme and either give them more private information or content they can use against you. Sextortion is not the only cyber-crime that occurs on Skype, here are a few examples of other Skype scams to look out for.

  • Malware Scams

They sending files to download via skype that when installed they can download and steal your personal information. Also they can take control of your device

  • Interview Scams.

Posing as employers and conducting fake interviews on Skype, and asking to provide personal information to finish the hiring process.

  • Link Scams.

Suspects pose as sex workers asking for entertainment, that provide a link to their adult site. Once you click that link your personal information can be exposed.

If You’re Being Blackmailed on Skype – Act Fast!

Now that you are a little familiar of the type of threats you can face on Skype, its important to know which steps to take. 

There is no telling in whether the suspect will follow through on their plans or not, but based on reports, it is highly likely something will happen if you don’t act fast and reach out for help. Firstly, documentation is key when it comes to these types of crimes.

The more you can provide law enforcement and blackmail specialists, the better they can assist you. Secondly, strengthening your privacy settings is very helpful. The less these suspects can access information from your account, the less they can use against you.

Thirdly, stall the suspect and quickly reach out to specialists and law enforcement. In summary, we hope you take all of our tips into account and find them helpful.

Sextortion is lurking on every corner so please be aware of who you are speaking to online. If you or someone you know is a victim of sextortion or other cyber-crimes, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our Sextortion Helpline is available to you 24/7. We have a 90% success rate in obtaining proof of deletion of your content.

Give us a call or reach out to us online, so we can do our best in alleviating this burden. Now you know what to do if you re Being Blackmailed on Skype – Act Fast


We offer immediate, 24/7 assistance from our team of investigators.

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