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Flare VM Overview

Flare VM Overview

by Igor Mikhaylov2017-07-28

Peter Kacherginski, an engineer-reverse, spoke about a new free tool.

FLARE VM is a freely available and open sourced Windows-based security distribution designed for reverse engineers, malware analysts, incident responders, forensicators, and penetration testers. Inspired by open-source Linux-based security distributions like Kali Linux, REMnux and others, FLARE VM delivers a fully-equipped, Windows-based security tools such as debuggers, disassemblers, decompilers, static and dynamic analysis utilities, network analysis and Manipulation, web assessment, exploitation, vulnerability assessment applications, and many others.


Peter describes in detail the installation, configuration and other useful information about this tool. At the moment, FLARE VM is an ever-growing and changing project.



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