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Apple Watch jailbreaking

Apple Watch jailbreaking

by Igor Mikhaylov2017-07-29

Hacker Max Bazaliy of the Fried Apple Team demonstrated a watchOS 3 jailbreak on Apple Watch at Def Con 25. As everyone knows, Jailbreaks has been working on iOS devices for a long time, but now Apple Watch, at last, becomes the focus of attention .
This is the first actual demonstration of the “jailbreak” on the device to date. From the presentation, it becomes apparent that the Apple Watch has been attuned to developers, allowing access to sensitive information and enabling tools like Frida and Radareto run on the device.


Bazaliy’s watchOS 3 jailbreak appears to be a private; No indication of a public release. Regardless of whether jailbreak or not, Apple’s watch is practical, this question remains open, but it’s clear that this is the goal that hackers are already striving for.



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