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Executing Windows Command Line Investigations

Executing Windows Command Line Investigations

Syngress has released a new book by Chet Hosmer, Joshua Bartolomie and Rosanne Pelli. It’s entitled “Executing Windows Command Line Investigations” and is the only book that covers Windows Command Line Interface for forensic and incident response evidentiary triage.



The book Executing Windows Command Line Investigations targets the needs of cyber security practitioners who focus on digital forensics and incident response. These are the individuals who are ultimately responsible for executing critical tasks such as incident response; forensic analysis and triage; damage assessments; espionage or other criminal investigations; malware analysis; and responding to human resource violations.

The authors lead readers through the importance of Windows CLI, as well as optimal configuration and usage. Readers will then learn the importance of maintaining evidentiary integrity, evidence volatility, and gain appropriate insight into methodologies that limit the potential of inadvertently destroying or otherwise altering evidence. Next, readers will be given an overview on how to use the proprietary software that accompanies the book as a download from the companion website. This software, called Proactive Incident Response Command Shell (PIRCS), developed by Harris Corporation provides an interface similar to that of a Windows CLI that automates evidentiary chain of custody and reduces human error and documentation gaps during incident response.


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