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How to become a computer forensic examiner

How to become a computer forensic examiner

by Igor Mikhaylov2017-09-13

Everything changes around, including forensic examination is also undergoing rapid changes, and the main change is that forensic move with hard disk / analysis of static data in various storage areas, from cloud browsers and points such as mobile phones.


Neeraj Aarora wrote an article in which he tells how to become a cyber researcher. Becoming a computer forensic expert seems difficult. You can find out in this article what you need to do, what kind of education is better to get. This is a profession that is not limited to any national borders and welcomed and accepted at every corner of the world. A good computer forensic professional is truly a global man in the true realm of the world.
The demand for qualified forensic experts will significantly increase with the increase in the level of complexity and frequency of cyber attacks.



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