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AndroRAT Evolved

AndroRAT Evolved

by Igor Mikhaylov2017-01-26

There are a lot of malware for mobile phones. The most common type known as Mobile Android / Trojan. .AndroRAT.


Program AndroRat, RAT is a smartphone based on the Android platform. The software is written in Java and provides the following features for the hacker:

-Get To the victim device contact list and all the information about them;
-Get Call lists from history logs;
-Get All messages stored on your phone;
-Get Your current location using GPS;
-Monitoring Incoming messages in real time;
-Monitoring Phone status in real time (incoming calls, missed calls, etc.);
-Capture Camera image;
-Striming sound from a microphone (or other source);
-Striming Video from the camera;
-Send An SMS-message;
– Make a call;
-Open URL in the browser;
-Keep Track of the location of the phone using GPS and other data.


The program “AndroRat Binder” was created for ease of use Trojan AndroRat. With AndroRat Binder you can easily and conveniently be able to create your build Trojan AndroRat, or glue to build a program for Android to further impose the victim. The program also includes support for No-IP.


AndroRAT client infected APK-work as well as the application, so if the app is popular on Google Play, is likely to have AndroGAT it. AndroRAT continues to improve, but the “hunters” still detect them as they become available.



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