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BlackBagĀ® helps Saskatoon Police Service put a criminal behind bars

BlackBagĀ® helps Saskatoon Police Service put a criminal behind bars

by Igor Mikhaylov2016-10-19

BlackBagĀ® Technologies is a developer of innovative forensic acquisition, triage, and analysis software for Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad, and Mac OS X devices.

The companyā€™s flagship product, BlackLight, has been adopted worldwide by many digital forensics examiners as a primary analysis tool. Mobilyze, BlackBagĀ®ā€™s groundbreaking mobile device triage tool, empowers virtually all law enforcement personnel, with or without specialized experience, to capably triage and report on data from smartphones.

BlackBagĀ® Technologiesā€™ premiere digital forensic software, BlackLightĀ® helped put a man, convicted of possessing 450 child pornography images, behind bars.
According to the court decision was made BlackLightĀ® as a digital forensic tools – medical examination to prove the guilt of a few copies. Beuker had installed programs to delete items from his hard drive, as well as ones to provide notifications upon download. Both he admitted would only execute by user permission.
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The history as BlackBagĀ® helps Saskatoon Police Service put criminals behind bars can be found here.

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