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by Igor Mikhaylov2016-10-19

Raph Broenink wrote the “image mounter” tool. Ralph is still very active in this tool’s development. “Image mounter” tool designed to deploy as a Linux base system or OSX.

He says the following about the utility:
«Imagemounter is a command-line utility and Python package to ease the mounting and unmounting of EnCase, Affuse, vmdk and dd disk images (and other formats supported by supported tools). It supports mounting disk images using xmount (with optional RW cache), affuse, ewfmount and vmware-mount; detecting DOS, BSD, Sun, Mac and GPT volume systems; mounting FAT, Ext, XFS UFS, HFS+, LUKS and NTFS volumes, in addition to some less known filesystems; detecting (nested) LVM volume systems and mounting its subvolumes; and reconstructing Linux Software RAID arrays.

In its default mode, imagemounter will try to start mounting the base image on a temporary mount point, detect the volume system and then mount each volume seperately. If it fails finding a volume system, it will try to mount the entire image as a whole if it succeeds in detecting what it actually is.»

If you find any bugs or have ideas for features, don’t hesitate to post them on github.

You can find more info here.


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