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Car Forensics

Car Forensics

by Igor Mikhaylov2017-07-02

Automobile criminology is a huge area of interest, and research is unknown, even the best commercial tools do not know what data really exists. So, from the tools that @MuNk__ use, the software, and possibly its post, will shed light on the possibilities of automotive forensics, in addition, it is further proof that when you sell your car, there is no guarantee that your data has been deleted or how much was saved.


At the same time, Car Forensics is currently an uncertain area, there is no RIGHT way to do this, there is no BEST way to read / receive data.
@MuNk__ is a research fellow at the University of Computer Forensic Science. He worked on automobile forensics both information-entertaining divisions, and airbags for a number of people. He understands what is an automobile forensics and gives a number of examples from this area in his post.



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