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How Often do Sextortionists Follow Through?

How Often do Sextortionists Follow Through?

Sextortion is a crime most people seem to overlook, but with the help of social media, it’s become one of the fastest-growing cybercrimes to date. It’s hard enough to trust people in general but when faced with strangers online, safety precautions need to be vital. In this article “How Often do Sextortionists Follow Through?” we will focus on the objective of sextortionists and how often they follow through with their threats.

Having your photos or videos used against you can be scary for anyone. Your whole reputation is in the hands of a complete stranger. So how often do these criminals follow through with their threats? Is it all a lie just so you’re forced to fork over some cash? Or are there real consequences to this scam? In this article, you will learn what to expect if you’ve become a victim of sextortion.

The Game Plan

Once faced with a sextortionist, it’s important to understand how they work. The purpose of sextortion is to extort money from someone by threatening to release their private sexual content. These criminals have one goal and one goal only: money.

Their threats are meant to instill enough fear so you comply with all of their demands. So, what is their game plan? In order to lure their victims in, sextortionists create fake profiles that seem approachable from the public perspective.

These profiles assume the identities of attractive women and men that are eager to make new online connections. When seeking victims, it’s important to state there is no specific type of person these criminals look for.

Anyone can be a victim of sextortion whether you are rich or poor,

Anyone can be a victim of online sextortion whether you are rich or poor, young or old, everyone is fair game. Before a sextortionist approaches their target, they usually make sure to do a little research first:

  1. Firstly, they take a deep dive into your profile and the content you post. This gives them the best chance to spark up a conversation enticing enough for you to engage with.
  2. Secondly, they will seek out your friends list and start to add as many profiles as they can. This is a tactic they use so that one: they look like they are trustworthy due to mutual friends, and two: they have your family’s and friends’ accounts ready to use against you once lewd content is exchanged.

When they introduce themselves, the conversation will start off friendly. Questions will be exchanged – some personal, some not.

It will start to feel like this person is taking quite an interest in you and your life. This connection can last a day or several. It typically depends on how fast the suspect can break down your walls -they want to make you comfortable enough so their chances of gaining sexual content from you is higher.

The Attack

You are in frequent communication with this person now, and are comfortable enough to get a little personal with them. You both have common interests and you feel a real connection with them.

The conversation has now shifted to a more flirtatious tone and now this person is asking for sexual photos or videos. You trust this person enough and agree to an act that you would think is harmless.

What should you expect now? Once sexual content is exchanged, the threats of exposure come almost immediately after. This is when their scare tactics come into play. These criminals will take screenshots and screen recordings of your sexual content claiming your reputation will be ruined once they expose you for the world to see, including your friends and family. Then comes the consistent demand for money.

The majority of these suspects ask for an unrealistic amount of money to delete your content. Some may bargain with you, others will put you on a ‘payment plan’, meaning you have to pay a weekly and or monthly amount until you reach their final total. Whatever you do – do NOT pay them. Let’s dive into the question how often do sextortionists follow through  

How Often do Sextortionists Follow Through? – The Aftermath

Now the main question here is how often do sextortionists follow through with their threats? That ultimately depends on the type of criminal you are dealing with. Not all of these criminals are the same. Some are more vicious and unpredictable than others.

The more aggressive criminals have little to no patience and will most likely immediately expose your content on various platforms if their demands are not quickly met. The less aggressive criminals are the ones who are far more frightened of the repercussions so they will only send you empty threats. These criminals are aware that they can face up to 20 years or more in prison if they were ever caught in the act.

If they believe that they are not going to get anything from you they will eventually cut ties and move on to their next victim. Even if the suspect moves on, the uncertainty of them coming back is just as damaging.


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