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DFIR Infographics

DFIR Infographics

by Igor Mikhaylov2017-06-17

DFIR TRAINING shared some posters of digital forensic, malware analysis and incident response. Such us:

  • Analyzing Malicious Documents;
  • mozilla_pbe;
  • Invoke-IR/ForensicPosters GPT;
  • Invoke-IR/ForensicPosters $UsnJrnl_$J;
  • Invoke-IR/ForensicPosters Registry_NamedKey;
  • Invoke-IR/ForensicPosters $UsnJrnl_$Max;
  • Invoke-IR/ForensicPosters Registry_Header;
  • Invoke-IR/ForensicPosters 0_MFT;
  • Invoke-IR/ForensicPosters Prefetch101;
  • Invoke-IR/ForensicPosters 0x10_$STANDARD_INFORMATION;
  • Invoke-IR/ForensicPosters 7_$Boot(VBR);
  • Invoke-IR/ForensicPosters 4_$AttrDef;
  • Invoke-IR/ForensicPosters 0x20_$ATTRIBUTE_LIST;
  • Invoke-IR/ForensicPosters 0xXX_NonResident;
  • Invoke-IR/ForensicPosters 0x30_$FILE_NAME;
  • Invoke-IR/ForensicPosters _MBR;
  • Invoke-IR/ForensicPosters 0x60_$VOLUME_NAME;
  • Invoke-IR/ForensicPosters 0xA0_$INDEX_ALLOCATION;
  • Invoke-IR/ForensicPosters 0x70_$VOLUME_INFORMATION;
  • The Windows PowerShell Logging Cheat Sheet;
  • Invoke-IR/ForensicPosters 0x80_$DATA;
  • Invoke-IR/ForensicPosters 0x90_$INDEX_ROOT;
  • The Windows Registry Auditing Logging Cheat Sheet;
  • The Windows Logging Cheat Sheet;
  • CYFOR’s Cell Site Analysis Infographic;
  • The Windows Splunk Logging Cheat Sheet;
  • Girl Allocated Report Writing Cheat Sheet;
  • How Internet Forensics Changed Criminal Investigations;
  • The Windows File Auditing Logging Cheat Sheet;
  • SANS Advanced Smartphone Forensics Poster;
  • SANS SIFT 7 REMnux;
  • SANS Digital Forensics SIFT’ing: Cheating Timelines with log2timeline;
  • SANS Finding Evil on Windows Systems;
  • SANS Hex and Regex Forensics Cheat Sheet;
  • SANS Rekall Memory Forensic Framework;
  • SANS FOR518 Reference;
  • SANS Windows Forensics Analysis;
  • DFIR “Memory Forensics” Poster;
  • Hack Attack;
  • Evidence Collection Cheat Sheet;
  • Windows to Unix Cheat Sheet;
  • Free Trial Graphics from PinPointLabs;
  • Linux Shell Survival Guide;
  • Forensic Mind Map.


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