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GrafKey Overview

GrafKey Overview

by Igor Mikhaylov2018-07-24

Cybercrime is gaining momentum, and cybercriminals are developing new methods and gadgets for hacking. But law enforcement agencies do not doze.

Apple is always working to improve the protection of its devices against various kinds of attacks.


A few months ago, photos of a secret gadget used by law enforcement to crack the tech giant’s iPhone were posted. The device, called GrayKey, was developed by a little-known company, Grayshift. With this device, you can unlock a password-protected iPhone in a short time.


It takes about two minutes after connecting the iPhone to download special software on it that can pick up the access code. Once the software gets on the smartphone, it starts to sort through all possible password options. In the case of a short four-digit code, this can take several hours. With a six-digit code, it can take up to several days. When it is done, the password is displayed on the iPhone screen.


When the password is selected, iPhone is again connected to GrayKey to unload all the data stored on the smartphone. This device allows you to hack all the current iOS-gadgets on the latest firmware, including iPhone X with iOS 11.2.5.


The cost of the device for hacking iPhone is $ 15,000. This model requires constant connection to the Internet and installation in a special place. The portable version, able to work without connecting to the network, is twice as expensive. Experts fear that this gadget could get into the hands of intruders.

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