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Important Facts That You Cannot Miss

Important Facts That You Cannot Miss

by Igor Mikhaylov2016-12-08

CQURE was formed in 2008 in Poland and since then has expanded to the rest of Europe, the Americas, Middle East and Asia – as well as opening offices in New York and in Dubai. The services of the company range from audit IT – security to penetration testing, solutions implementation and individual training. They share their experience in offline mode (in workshops and conferences), and online (via the blog and video posts).

In Paul’s blog you can know about the caching of credentials. The cached logon data in is a piece of information that makes it possible to log in to the operating system when the network is not available.

It is important to know how they work and why, it is very simple, because not once write articles that you need to do is change the cached credentials are zero or one, but seriously, at the current time, there is no reason to do so. The lecturer explains in detail how cached data entry work in what’s inside, how to rewrite it, and what kind of threat it provides.

It is always possible to create a cache entry data into the system itself, so that even if you say zero, it does not matter, because you can create that value, and then enter with the data.

More details can be found with the theme of the company’s website.



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