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Phishing Attacks Overview

Phishing Attacks Overview

by Igor Mikhaylov2018-01-08

Recently, attackers are very active. Most cybercriminals rely not only on technology, but also on human carelessness and gullibility. According to the statistics, the growth of phishing has grown.

A group of researchers conducted a study on which they examined in detail in this article:

1. Free phishing kits often contain hidden exfiltration mechanisms that send the entered information to third parties, which are probably the kits’ authors.
2. Half of the packages belong to large families of kits. While a third belong to three large families of kits. This means that phishing kits come from a restricted number of sources.

The study used two different sources to find and obtain phishing kits. This research had four phases:
1.Finding sources for phishing sites and their kits.
2. Obtaining phishing kits.
3. Retrieval and normalization of features from the phishing kits.
4. Statistical analysis and clustering of the extracted fairies.

In this study, they analyzed a large set of phishing kits obtained from various sources and discussed the technical characteristics of the kits. Due to the fact that Phishing kits themselves are effective tools. More details about this study can be found in this article.



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