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Phishing Attacks: Here’s How They Hook You

Odds are, everyone in your workplace has been warned about opening suspicious-looking emails. You probably know that clicking a link in a malicious email can open your company’s network up to a data breach or some other kind of network attack. Word gets around.

Even so, these attacks—known as “phishing”—continue, and they often work. Someone sends you an email and includes a link that could end up compromising your company if just one employee clicks on it or provides the sensitive information sought.

If everyone’s guard is up, how do malicious actors entice you to click on the link? Here are a few common tactics:

The email seems to be from an authoritative [...]

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Phishing Attacks Overview

Recently, attackers are very active. Most cybercriminals rely not only on technology, but also on human carelessness and gullibility. According to the statistics, the growth of phishing has grown.

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Identity Theft via Phishing

We increasingly use the documentation and publish personal information on the Internet in recent years. Unfortunately, identity thieves are working meticulously to piece together seemingly harmless bits of information that help them assume our identity. The main ways to obtain personal data from theft through phishing, social networks: 1. Phishing. 2. Social media & consumer forums.


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“Hello. Team of TeamViewer is calling you… “. An anthology of the attack.

The systems of protecting computers and networks are becoming more perfect every day. It’s harder for hackers to find a way to access data on someone else’s computer. A man remains the weakest link in cyber security. Not without reason 95 attacks on computer systems and networks begin with phishing ones. An example of such an attack observed in the last few months is mass mailings of infected Office documents. Thus, hackers try to intercept control on Windows and MacOS computers.



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