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Identity Theft via Phishing

Identity Theft via Phishing

by Igor Mikhaylov2017-08-09

We increasingly use the documentation and publish personal information on the Internet in recent years. Unfortunately, identity thieves are working meticulously to piece together seemingly harmless bits of information that help them assume our identity.
The main ways to obtain personal data from theft through phishing, social networks:
1. Phishing.
2. Social media & consumer forums.


Ways to protect yourself from identity theft:
1. Beware of phishing emails.
2. Make sure the website is secure (find the URL starting with “https” (not “http”)).
3. Change your account passwords regularly.

These measures will help you achieve two things:
1. That you have not yet become a victim of identity theft.
2. Monitoring serves as an early warning system for any irregular activity.



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