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The Devices Are Spying on you

The Devices Are Spying on you

by Igor Mikhaylov2017-01-07

Trend of the Internet of things is now gaining more and more popularity. Most often, the concept of Internet of things is inseparably connected with something smart: smart homes, smart transport, smart businesses … Their convenience are derived from their ability to communicate for various purposes.

For some consumers do not take into account that the device itself stores the minimal information about it physically, but “always listen to” the potential to be understood more fully, as well as with legal and investigative branches such functionality.
The main technological challenge for the extraction and use of the information is in the buffer. By passing all access to these devices is a major problem.

Very interesting interview given by Michael Staggs, in which he talks about smart devices. Michael is a technical consultant with extensive experience in law enforcement, incident response and digital forensics.


His opinion can be found here.

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