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Windows 10 RAM Forensics and UEFI Attacks

Windows 10 RAM Forensics and UEFI Attacks

by Igor Mikhaylov2017-03-18

Look around your home and most likely, you have at least several devices using Universal Serial Bus. On average, about 3 billion USB ports are delivered every year, making it the most successful type of peripheral connection in the world.


ALEX IONESCU published a presentation titled “Getting Started with a Type-C USB Cable”. ALEX laconically tells in this presentation about what a USB Type-C and USB-3380, about Supporting ThunderBolt 3 in Windows. He shares his contributions and makes a historical review.



The presentation ends with recommendations and recommendations. For example, do not disable Thunderbolt protection in UEFI settings or Do not enable Thunderbolt at boot time. For more info, see / @aionescu .

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