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Windows Phone Forensics

Windows Phone Forensics

by Igor Mikhaylov2017-07-31

Windows phones have a large market share. In addition to all this, Windows Mobile Forensics is a fast-growing area of digital forensics aimed at mobile devices. Microsoft developed proprietor operating system Windows phone. First Window phone, operating system version, was Windows Phone 7 launched in October 2010. Then Microsoft released operating systems in the following order: Windows Phone 7.5, Windows Phone 7.8, Windows Phone 8.1, and Windows Phone 10.


We suggest that you read the article, which tells about Windows Phone Forensics. Suffice it to describe in detail about the peculiarity of the phone and security, as well as the use of WINDOWS phones and the modification of data on the use of the third parties.

In conclusion, I would like to note that the share and development of the Window Phone market is much smaller compared to Android and the iPhone. Due to less development of market demand and research in the field of Windows Phone forensics is very limited in Mobile forensics area…



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