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Will Sextortionists Follow Through on their Threats?

Will Sextortionists Follow Through on their Threats?

It can be an absolutely terrifying situation, finding yourself being sextorted. Sextortion, in a quick summary, is the act of an individual luring others into intimate conversation, exchanging sexually explicit material, and then holding that material for ransom, with the threat to spread the sextortion victim’s content to their friends, family, followers, and beyond. In this article we’ll answer to your question Will Sextortionists Follow Through on their Threats?

It’s a crime that has been steadily rising in our world today. 

One of the biggest key questions, for anyone being sextorted, is whether or not their blackmailer is really going to do it – will sextortionists follow through, or not? We’ll explore that question here, along with a few scenarios to consider.  

The Human Factor

To begin to answer a question with so many variables, we must first consider the psychology of the scammer. Sextortionists are, remember, human beings – they just are not the ones they claim to be.

There is always an element of human interaction involved in any sextortion scam.

As such, we have to analyze the motives of sextortionists to understand and even begin to answer the question.

Sextortionists care about one thing more than anything: money. It’s their entire motivation – they don’t care whether or not they’re ruining your life, they don’t care if you lose your job, they don’t care if you’re the King of England, they only care about money.

Another thing to be aware of is that many if not most sextortionists are not located within the continental United States – our analysts have found that the majority of the cases we work with, the perpetrators tend to be located either out of West Africa or South-East Asia; suffice to say, it’s not little Billy down the street, playing a trick on you.

With both of these factors in mind we can paint a simple picture. These are people who likely do not fear any sort of repercussions, and are motivated by monetary greed. But how does this knowledge inform us about whether sextortionists will follow through on their threats?  

Bearing in mind the mentality of sextortionists, their chief weapon is fear beyond anything else. As long as a sextortionist holds the content of the victims, they have the power.

This used to mean two things.

They would hold on to your material as long as possible, for the maximum potential profit.

They were less likely to release the material online if they weren’t getting anywhere.

Note, this is all in the past tense: this is not the experience our experts have observed in the present.

These days, sextortionists are far more aggressive than when they started plying their scams – some will certainly still shy away if ignored, certainly, but there are far more that simply double down on their demands, or worse: some don’t even give a sextortion victim time think the situation through, and we have observed situations where perpetrators begin sending material nearly immediately in a slow trickle out to the victim’s followers, friends, and families.

This phenomenon is partly related to the ratio of time being spent on social media and other online platforms as a society, worldwide; sextortionists being more aggressive means less time and more stress for those being sextorted, which equates to two potential outcomes: either the victim is thrown off their mental balance and gives in to the sextortionist’s demands, or the sextortionist cuts the material loose and moves on to the next victim.  

The Answer          

   With all this knowledge in mind, we finally come back to the question: will sextortionists follow through on their threats?

The answer: there’s no good way to know.

The evolution of our online habits over the last few years have led to new patterns in the criminal behavior in these particular situations, and given the aforementioned human factor, it is nearly impossible to predict which kind of scammer a victim is dealing with – the one who cuts their losses gently, or the one who cuts their losses explosively.

The best advice we can give is to seek out expert assistance if you or someone you know is a sextortion victim.

What should a victim of sextortion do?



We offer immediate, 24/7 assistance from our team of investigators.

There are many companies out there today that are able to assist further than just law enforcement alone can. Our company, in particular, sees these types of cases dozens upon dozens of times a day.

Our experts have a high rate of success when it comes to combating online sextortion scams and helping clients with our services to mitigate damage discreetly and effectively. Now You Know Will Sextortionists Follow Through on their Threats.

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