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Analyzing unsupported file systems with X-Ways Forensics

Analyzing unsupported file systems with X-Ways Forensics

by Igor Mikhaylov2018-02-05

The number of cyber attacks has increased significantly in comparison with previous years. Not only attacks are improved, but also the skill of intruders.

This Blog is about different Computer Forensic methodologies. The author of the post is a computer forensic expert. He prefers to use ordinary software products in his work.

X-Ways Forensics is suitable for most of its needs. X-Ways Forensics is an extended work environment for computer forensic experts. X-Ways Forensics is completely portable and works with USB-drive in any Windows system without installation. X-Ways Forensics is based on the WinHex hex and disk editor and part of an efficient workflow model where X-Ways Investigator.

The article gives an example that shows you a “one” possible solution for obtaining logical files and folders in your case.



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