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Belkasoft 8.5 has released

Belkasoft 8.5 has released

by Igor Mikhaylov2017-10-21

Belkasoft Evidence Center is an advanced solution for searching, retrieving and analyzing electronic data stored on computers and mobile devices. Software services will benefit from uniform services and experts in the field of computer forensics.


Belkasoft Evidence Center is able to extract more than 700 different types of artifacts and recover deleted or hidden data by processing data. In addition, the ability to download and analyze data from the cloud or create reliable reports with the legal significance of evidence for the ships.
The program analyzes many types of files, including graphics, Office documents and video. All data can be filtered using more than 20 predefined filters, such as phone numbers, credit cards, suspicious keywords, names and so on.

You can find the main features of the new version in this article.



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