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BEC v.8.1 has released

BEC v.8.1 has released

by Igor Mikhaylov2016-10-18

Belkasoft Evedence Center  v.8.1 has been released.

Among improvements in v.8.1 are:

  • iOS 10 backup analysis supported
  • New ICQ 10 supported
  • Export to BlueBear LACE product
  • Portuguese translation added
  • Android Touch app supported
  • Deleted LINE data carving improved
  • More Google Chrome cache types supported
  • LNK analysis improved, better LNK profile search
  • Applications updated to latest formats: Viber, IE10, ICQ 7, Skype, Firefox
  • Outlook recipient details extraction improved

Social Graph and Communities Detection improvements:

  • Avatars (if specified in app) shown on graph for contacts
  • More convenient graph zooming and navigation implemented (using mouse wheel, mouse left click and toolbar buttons)
  • Mail counts in graph node fixed
  • Origin columns added to contacts list in graph details
  • Graph creation performance improved
  • Graph layout improved to show entities with no external communications better
  • Graphs added to BER (Belkasoft Evidence Reader) too
  • Communities detection gives more precise result
  • BelkaImager improvements (applies also to acquisition started from BEC):
  • Mobile device acquisition made more robust
  • Download of iCloud and Google Drive clouds made more robust
  • Non-file cloud data now stored in .belkaml format and imported into BEC when downloading finished what helps to
  • extract and show more information
  • Google Drive authentication page now takes less time to show
  • Fixed problem with splitting by 1.5GB when no split options selected in drive imaging
  • Issues during creation of logical drive disk image fixed
  • Proper detection of iCloud two-factor authorization implemented
  • Supported download of old iCloud accounts with not accepted ToS terms (“This account needs to accept the ToS” message)

Issues fixed:

  • Fixed problem of GUI freeze during long tooltip visualization
  • No more automatic start of data search inside VSC snapshots when an embedded data source added to a case (performance)
  • Incorrect duplication of property name in LNK data list fixed
  • URL reporting from Overview improved

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