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Belkasoft Evidence Center: New Release of v.7.4

Belkasoft Evidence Center: New Release of v.7.4

Belkasoft has released v.7.4 build 1455 of Evidence Center. Below you can see some of the most important improvements and bugfixes. With these new enhancements the product became quicker and more convenient than ever!

Major Improvements
  1. It is now allowed to run several instances of Evidence Center simultaneously if you work with different cases (not recommended to open the same case in different instances, though)
  2. Dating sites list updated in browser filter “site category”
  3. SQLite analysis improved to correctly process database with large free space
  4. Windows LNK files analysis added
  5. Document analysis improved: TIFF pictures extraction implemented (thus you can analyze PDF with scanned pictures inside; such pictures can be OCR’ed then using “Analyze pictures” -> “Detect text function”)
  6. Performance is massively improved for indexing, search, hashset analysis, filtering, browser analysis, email list, reporting – beta-testers noticed 5-fold improvement on some very large cases!
  7. Extraction of Skype file transfers improved
  8. Emails attached to another emails now shown in the same profile
  9. Viber analysis improved
  10. ooVoo carver improved
  11. Ares P2P application analysis added
Bugs fixed
  1. Too many false positives during WhatsApp carving
  2. Photo forgery report fixed
  3. Evernote artifact viewing issues fixed
  4. Rare occasions of missing Skype timestamps fixed
  5. VMDK mounting problems fixed
  6. A password field name is displayed in password list rather than a password itself
  7. Carved MIME emails analysis made more stable
  8. Problems in file structure of some Android backups fixed
  9. Crash during iTunes backup mounting fixed
  10. Torrent analysis fixed
  11. OutOfMemory when looking at huge mail lists fixed
  12. Creating report for QIWI wallet now works
  13. Error copying files from the file system to a folder fixed
  14. Creating bookmarks for Zello voice mail fixed
  15. Turkish “i” support: more artifacts are now found, e.g. missed “avi” videos
  16. Incorrect date extraction for Android default browser fixed
  17. QIP Infium history analysis fixed
  18. Pinterest analysis fixed
  19. GUI hanging during “Cancel All” when hundreads of tasks are running fixed
  20. Text detection in pictures fixed


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