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Forensic Software Updates

Forensic Software Updates

This week several digital forensic companies have updated their software.

Kuiper Forensics has released PeerLab 2.0.

Peerlab is software for searching and analyzing files and artifacts of Peer-to-peer software (like eMule, Kazaa, Google Hello, Bittorrent, LimeWire, Shareaza, etc.), instant messengers (like ICQ, Gadu-Gadu, GigaTribe, Skype, ooVoo, etc.), cloud storage (like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.).

Cellebrite has released minor updates for UFED Physical Analyzer and UFED Logical Analyzer 5.1.1.

-Cellebrite added support for the new type of WhatsApp backups. WhatsApp recently made a new encryption type of their backups. WhatsApp called them crypt12.

-Fix several issues.

Elcomsoft has released Elcomsoft Phone Viewer 2.20.

-added functionality for decrypting iTunes backups without any external software. It is the most important update for the release

-added new organized for users’ albums, both local and cloud-based

-added a new Web-plugin for iOS and BlackBerry 10 backups. Images and videos are now automatically categorized into albums similar to those you see in iOS devices.

Belkasoft has released a huge update of Belkasoft Evidence Center 7.5. Really, it looks like a new piece of software. At the biggest digital forensic conference in Russian speaking area, called “White nights”, the developer spent a day speaking only about new functionality of Belkasoft Evidence Center.

-added functionality for extracting data from encrypted iTunes backups

-updated user’s interface

-added new functionality of Evidence Reader

-added support for new types of email’s artifacts.

– Photo Forgery Detection module has lots of updates

-Decryption module has been updated

-added Google maps clustering.

And many, many more.

You can download trial version of Belkasoft Evidence Center here.

Try it!

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