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An Overview of Web Browser Forensics

Browser Forensics Analysis is a separate, large area of ​​expertise.


Web browsers are used in mobile devices, tablets, netbooks, desktops, etc., and often can be used not just for web surfing, but for navigation through the file system of the device. The web browser’s cache can contain downloaded images, videos, documents, executable files and scripts. Web browsers also can contain data entered into forms: search queries, logins and passwords for web email accounts, social networks, other web sites and financial information (for example, credit card numbers). Favorites and searches can give the researcher an idea of ​​the device owner’s interests.

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Recovering deleted Web History from System restore points

Foxton Forensics provides free and commercial tools for capturing, extracting and analyzing Internet history from the main web browsers on the desktop. They offer products that are primarily focused on the field of digital forensics and are used worldwide by law enforcement, government, military, corporate and educational organizations.


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FireFox Forensic Analysis

Earlier, Phill More wrote posts about checking the behavior of the program using code. Firefox is used as an example in a previous publication. Dan Pulega decided to sort out the issue, which was published by Phill. Dan needed to find the source code and compile the executable file to start testing. There are many ways to find the extracted source code, it is used by AstroGrep. You can see the test results in this article, how one of many aspects of Firefox works.


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Timestamps in Internet History

Foxton Forensics published a very useful post in their blog regarding the importance of date/time accuracy in digital forensics.

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