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What can you do about online harassment?

If you have not spoken out about cyberbullying, today is a great day to do so.

June 15, 2018, is designated as Stop Cyberbullying Day, an internationally recognized day of awareness and activities founded by The Cybersmile Foundation in 2012. It takes place the third Friday in June each year.

Stop Cyberbullying Day encourages people around the world to show their commitment toward an inclusive, diverse and welcoming online environment for all – without fear of personal threats, harassment or abuse. The hashtag #STOPCYBERBULLYINGDAY is used on social media to show support and to help spread the word.

At Digital Forensics Corp., we help people cope with online [...]

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Is your child being cyberbullied? Know the signs, and learn what you can do

We’ve all heard the horror stories about cyberbullying. Online bullies, often acting anonymously, pick a target and never let up. They harass, they make threats, they spread rumors on social media.

They make their targets feel rejected, isolated, excluded. It can lead to despair, depression and anxiety, which sometimes can contribute to suicidal behavior.

It is hell to deal with, and too many families know this pain all too well. Many families find themselves wondering how to avoid cyberbullying.


How common is cyberbullying in the United States? Here are some [...]

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