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GPlayed Is A Dangerous New Virus

Cybersecurity experts from the Cisco Talos group discovered a new dangerous virus, which is called GPlayed. The malware is still at the testing stage, but it can turn into a serious threat.

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FBI Says Online Blackmail is on the Rise

Online blackmail is happening more frequently these days, according to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center.

The IC3 reports an increase in extortion attempts received via email and postal mail, often using the victim’s specific user information to add authenticity. The “recipient’s personal information is noted in the email or letter to add a higher degree of intimidation to the scam. For example, a recipient’s user name or password is provided at the beginning of the email or letter,” the FBI reports.

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Hackers go after small businesses, too

So, you think your business is too small to be of interest to hackers?

You’re wrong. So, so wrong.

Recent data breaches have hit large corporations and medical providers, and those organizations are constantly taking steps to beef up their cyber security. That’s smart; they know they are targets.

Those cases make headlines, too, because they typically affect millions of customers and cost companies thousands, if not millions, of dollars to address.

But attacks against smaller businesses don’t often make such a big splash in the news, so many small business owners don’t believe they are targets. But they are. Consider this, from an October 2017 report in [...]

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Flash drive-sniffing dogs, warnings for retailers and burgers that may have cost you way too much

Do you keep up with the latest cyber security news? Here are a few interesting recent items you may have missed:

‣ Police dogs are being trained to sniff out flash drives, destroyed computers and other electronic devices to help prosecute child pornographers.

Only one out of every 50 dogs tested is able to become an Electronic Storage Detection, or ESD, dog, Kerry Halligan, a K-9 instructor for the Connecticut State Police, told CNET Magazine. It is much more difficult for a dog to learn to detect the telltale chemical in electronics than to sniff out narcotics, bombs or people, she said. Labrador retrievers seem to be best suited to the task. Read more here.

‣ [...]

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