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A complex form of mobile phone fraud you should know about

One of the most popular types of crime is fraud with smartphones. Smartphones store a lot of personal information, from photos to money. Only attentiveness and sanity of citizens can help to prevent fraud. Anybody can become a victim of fraudsters: businessmen, public officials, show business stars and ordinary citizens.

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CorelDRAW Forensics: step by step

CorelDRAW is the best graphics editor, which is developed by a Canadian company Corel Corporation. This graphics editor has great functionality. Criminals can use it for illegal activities, such as fraud, money counterfeiting, etc. Today, we will describe how to detect CoralDRAW artefacts when examining a computer. We will use AXIOM by Magnet Forensics as a tool for analysis, which is one of the best tools for computer forensics.

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“Hello. Team of TeamViewer is calling you… “. An anthology of the attack.

The systems of protecting computers and networks are becoming more perfect every day. It’s harder for hackers to find a way to access data on someone else’s computer. A man remains the weakest link in cyber security. Not without reason 95 attacks on computer systems and networks begin with phishing ones. An example of such an attack observed in the last few months is mass mailings of infected Office documents. Thus, hackers try to intercept control on Windows and MacOS computers.



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