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How to prevent attacks of Meltdown and Spectre techniques

How to prevent attacks of Meltdown and Spectre techniques

by Igor Mikhaylov2018-01-05

Informal information about the vulnerability of Intel processors leaked in the media. The researchers identified two types of techniques – Meltdown and Specter. Meltdown and Specter use critical vulnerabilities in modern processors. These hardware errors allow programs to steal data that is currently being processed on a computer. Meltdown and Specter work on personal computers, mobile devices and in the cloud.

There is a webcast with SANS about these vulnerabilities, how they work, and some thoughts on mitigation on the Internet.
This article presents a “six-step action plan for combating Meltdown and Specter.”

1. Step up your monitoring plan.
2. Reconsider cohabitation of data with different protection requirements.
3. Review your change management procedures.
4. Examine procurement and refresh intervals.
5. Evaluate the security of your hosted applications.



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