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Why Mobile Chats Are My First Source of Information for Investigations

Why Mobile Chats Are My First Source of Information for Investigations

by Igor Mikhaylov2017-06-24

With a Masters in Data Forensics Management, Timothy LaTulippe has assisted in complex investigations in both the public and private sectors, working with government agencies, Fortune 100 corporations and AM Law 100 firms. He wrote a post on why mobile chat rooms are my first source of information for investigations.


Recently, Timothy LaTulippe conducted a study on this issue. As a result, some common concepts were found among all three sources, of which he did not know:

1. The mobile phone extraction was of an iPhone 6 and contained SMS, iMessages (messages between my device and any other iPhone, iPad or Apple computer running Messages), WhatsApp chats, LINE conversations and much to my delight, no shred of WhisperSystems Signal chats.
2. The Google Mail can be aggregated and readied for download via the “Takeout” functionality or collected with industry vetted tools, however, in this case I extracted the text only for speed and efficiency using Riskcovery®, Advanced Discovery’s concept-driven, compliance risk identification technology.
3. The business e-mails were stored in OLM Outlook Mac 2016 format, as well as a Microsoft *.OST archive on an administrative PC system.

The results of the study and its conclusions can be found in this post.

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