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Update your forensic hardware

Update your forensic hardware

by Igor Mikhaylov2016-07-02

EDAX FOX has released their new series of Forensic Computers. The computers were developed for different forensic software.

For example:

The E.D.A.S. F.O.X. “Ultimate Investigator” is designed from the ground up with FTK and NUIX  in mind.

The EDAS FOX “Optimized”  is designed for  FTK, Nuix, X-Ways or Encase.

The EDAS FOX “Standard” is designed for Encase or X-Ways.

2017 EDAS FOX DATA CRUSHER could be used for Access Data FTK, Encase, X-Ways or NUIX.

We hope what the computers won’t be too expensive for digital forensic investigators.




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